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LIS – Live in Saigon, a reliable partner in the real estate management service, has built a reputable and dedicated presence in seeking, managing, and optimizing asset values for customers. By establishing reliable connections between buyers, sellers, and renters, LIS is committed to enhancing and streamlining real estate projects.


LIS specializes in supporting the sale and rental of apartments in prestigious projects such as One Verandah, The Metropole Thủ Thiêm, Sunwah Pearl, Feliz en Vista & Vista Verde, Diamond Island and many more. Recognizing that each project is a complex interplay of factors, LIS has developed the Diamond service package to meet the diverse needs of customers.


The-One-Verandah project-is-the-last-riverside-project-in-Thanh-My-Loi-Ward.
The One Verandah project is the last riverside project in Thanh My Loi Ward.


Diamond Island Apartment Project Overview


What does the Diamond service package provide in terms of real estate management services for customers?


Pre-handover Phase


LIS undertakes a series of tasks in this crucial phase:


  • Defect inspection: Before receiving handover, LIS – Live in Saigon conducts thorough inspections to ensure that apartments/properties are handed over perfectly, avoiding future troubles and repair costs.


  • Handover acceptance: They represent the property owner to receive keys and relevant documents, saving time and effort for customers.


The process of real estate’s handover


  • Contractor consultation: LIS advises and selects appropriate contractors for optimal property completion. Simultaneously, they negotiate the best prices to ensure quality and construction progress.


If you live in Saigon, we recommend you consider One Verandah, Thu Thiem Metropole, Diamond Island,… Read more information about One Verandah: here 


Consultation and Advertising Services


  • Pricing strategy: LIS advises customers on reasonable sale/rent prices based on market research.


The process of price & marketing consultation for real estate properties


  • Advertising: By posting on platforms like Facebook, websites, and social channels, they create visibility for the properties. Activities such as prominent listings and Open House events generate curiosity and attract customers.


  • Report updates: LIS – Live in Saigon continually updates data on interest, post views, and video views to help customers understand advertising reach and effectiveness.


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Personal Assistant Services


  • Cleaning and equipment checks: To ensure the property is always in good condition and ready for rental, LIS performs regular cleaning and equipment checks.


  • Monitoring and registration: They oversee property-related issues, manage move-in and move-out registrations, and handle monthly rent payments.


  • Tax handling: LIS handles tax-related matters on behalf of property owners, including VAT invoicing and personal income tax for corporate rentals.


Personal assistant services of LIS’s real estate management service


Why is the Diamond service package essential for customers?


Pre-handover Phase:


  • Defect inspection: Ensure flawless property handover and avoid future repair costs.


  • Represent owner for handover acceptance: Save time and ensure thorough legal preparation.


  • Contractor consultation: LIS – Live in Saigon ensure quality construction and cost-effectiveness.


Consultation and Advertising Services:


  • Pricing strategy: Determine competitive prices to attract customers.


  • Advertising: Create recognition and attract potential customers.


  • Report updates: Monitor advertising effectiveness and reach.


Personal Assistant Services:


  • Cleaning and equipment checks: Maintain property conditions for convenient renting.


  • Monitoring and registration: Address rental-related issues.


  • Tax handling: Ensure legal matters are resolved.


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Discounted service fee of the Diamond package:


LIS’s Diamond service package comes with a favorable fee structure, amounting to only 1.5% of the selling price or 1.5 months’ rent for a one-year lease contract.


LIS’s Diamond service package offers an optimal choice for customers in managing and maximizing the value of real estate assets. From defect inspection to personal assistant services, LIS is committed to providing true value to customers, enabling them to invest and rent real estate with confidence and peace of mind.


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